Ginsberg, The eBay Guru, Shares the Secret to Making Six figures from Home

The Global selling giant, eBay, boasts 150 million customers worldwide. And with practically $0 starting cost, thousands of eBay entrepreneurs have mushroomed in recent years. Being eBay traders, people have actually found a means to make money. For some it’s the sole source of income and for some eBay is simply a source of extra income. Many have been able to give up their jobs to become full time eBay entrepreneurs. All you need to start out in the eBay business, is a PC, an email id, and of course something to sell!

Having traded goods worth $20 million, Adam Ginsberg has been the top eBay seller for many years. He has been hailed as the guru of internet marketing and a pioneer in the eBay business coaching. His book “How to buy, sell and profit on eBay” is an international bestseller and has topped all charts on major book review sites. His book has transformed many lives and it continues to prove to be a big help for people who don’t know how to make money from home.

Adam Ginsberg also runs workshops and seminars coaching people on how to generate wealth through online trade. Even people who are already into eBay business attend his workshops to get better and better in selling and marketing their products. For people from far off places who cannot attend his workshop, Ginsberg has provided access to his online workshops and webinars. Now people from all around the world have access to his knowledge, while sitting right where they are.

Adam Ginsberg has also launched DVDs for anytime, anywhere coaching on eBay business and marketing. Adam Ginsberg guarantees he can help everyone find success in the world’s largest online auction marketplace by following the step-by-step formula he details in his DVD, “Buying and Selling on eBay: How to Make Six Figures From Home”. Ginsberg has made appearances on various TV shows like The Today Show, CNBC and ABC News, and the same is featured in the DVD he has launched. The DVD is a comprehensive eBay guide and Ginsberg has shared all his knowledge in it to help people learn from his experiences. Ginsberg has provided easy to understand marketing tips to enable people market their products efficiently on eBay. He has also focused on crucial Do’s and Don’ts to be followed while selling a product on eBay. His DVD is available on and on

“Many of the people that I meet are curious about eBay but don’t know how to navigate through it. In this DVD, I tried to compile all of the tips that paid off for me into a comprehensive guide that would help eliminate a lot of the guess work for people wanting to buy and sell on eBay.” explains Ginsberg.

To learn more about Adam Ginsberg, visit To learn about his workshops, seminars, Template optimizer complaints, and the so called Adam Ginsberg Scam, please visit        


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